No expensive ATG's to buy, maintain, or upgrade.
There is no equipment to buy, no installation fee, no capital expense whatsoever. TotalSIR forever eliminates the need to purchase ATG's. An automatic tank gauge is a highly sensitive piece of electronic equipment. Translation: you have to maintain and repair it, continually. If that isn't expensive enough, every five years or so, changes in regulations and/or technology could require you to purchase a brand new one! FACT: You can purchase TotalSIR compliance for 5+ years for about what it costs to replace just one ATG probe!*
Complete, permanent leak detection for tanks and associated piping.
TotalSIR monitors tanks and attached piping for monthly leak detection. Once TotalSIR is monitoring your USTs, you should not need any other method/tests to stay in compliance with federal and state monthly leak detection requirements.**
TotalSIR with ATG's!
Many tank owners with ATG's installed designate TotalSIR as their Leak Detection Compliance method. Why?
  • No minimum fuel levels required to perform test
  • Uniform Compliance methodology for multi-site owners
  • More reliable Leak Detection than ATG (CSLD) testing
  • Backup Leak Detection for pennies a day
  • TotalSIR detects fuel losses and THEFT that ATG's can't detect
  • Finds faulty/miscalibrated meters and blenders that are losing money.
  • Compliance results stored in secure online database
We become your compliance partner.
TotalSIR is committed to helping you stay in compliance. This is how we earn our money, not by selling equipment. Our success is directly linked to your on-going compliance success. We will assist in your inventory control efforts and procedures with training, tips, troubleshooting, and accessible customer service. Please feel free to call us from 8-5 M-F EST with your TotalSIR related issues/questions. Our toll-free number is 800-533-2481
Identifies errors in inventory control data collection and reporting.
It is a given fact that good IC practices are essential to all retail/wholesale businesses. In our experience, successful IC is a simple matter of 1) Training; 2) Company policies that emphasize accurate IC; 3) Accountability. By providing your company with an objective, analytical review of inventory control data, TotalSIR identifies discrepancies that are costing you money.
The lowest cost leak detection available.
There is no equipment to buy, maintain, or repair. There is no station downtime. There is no installation cost. At less than $50/month for a 3-tank site, TotalSIR meets federal and state leak detection requirements at a fraction of the cost of ATGs or other monthly monitoring methods. In addition, TotalSIR will allow you to maintain maximum flexibility with your leak detection compliance. As regulations and technology change, you won't have any obsolete equipment to upgrade or replace.
No capital investment.
TotalSIR is a modest monthly expense, so you don't have to wait years for depreciation. ???
Fast, Convenient, On-Line Reporting and Data Archiving.
Never search for misplaced compliance reports again! TotalSIR's exclusive web-based reporting option allows you to download and print up to 5 years of monthly reports!
No station shutdown required.
Since there is no equipment to install, there is no down time for your business. TotalSIR never requires product or station "shut-down time," EVER. TotalSIR will never cause disruption to your business, or inconvenience to your customers!
No extra work involved.
Once a month, simply send your monthly inventory control data forms to TotalSIR. It's that simple. You have the option to receive your reports via FAX, US mail or the TotalSIR website at
Identifies faulty or miscalibrated meters.
Unlike traditional manual inventory control, which is ten times less accurate than SIR, and can only detect a loss once it reaches 10 gallons an hour, TotalSIR is accurate enough to detect miscalibrated meters. This saves you money by keeping fuel from driving off that wasn't paid for.
Detects short deliveries and theft.
TotalSIR, when performed correctly, can spot fuel losses from anywhere in the UST system including deliveries that are habitually short and/or theft.
* Based upon the average probe costing $1000, and a single tank costing $16/month. This calculation would have the tank covered for five years and two months for the cost of the probe alone. **State laws vary, and change without notice. Always check with your state regulatory agency for the most current information.