TotalSIR is an exclusive, 3rd-party certified SIR program.SIR Systems like TotalSIR combine the processing power of computers with powerful software, designed to conduct a statistical analysis of your underground tank's Inventory Control (IC) records. You simply provide us with your monthly inventory control data and we do the rest! We can send you monthly compliance reports, which you keep on file, or you can opt to receive all your reporting online, where we will store up to five (5) years of results for you on our secure servers. When your site is inspected, your compliance information is easily accessible, organized, concise, and complete.

TotalSIR keeps you in compliance.The United States EPA approved Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) under code 40 CFR 280.43 (H) as a stand-alone leak detection method for monthly monitoring, of both tanks and attached piping. "Stand-alone" simply means that, done properly with a 3rd-party certified SIR program, the UST owner should never need to purchase additional leak detection services or equipment.